Friday, January 07, 2005

Might coulda been a mention of chUrp

Y'all listen up!

Interviewees are asked 250 questions to check unique Texas pronunciations and determine whether they use certain words and phrases, such as "polecat" for skunk or "snake feeder" for dragonfly. Some of the terms are used elsewhere across the Southern U.S. as well, but many combinations are distinctively Texan.
A glossary of Texas Twang
Y'all: You-all (can be used as singular or plural).
Croker sack: Burlap sack.
Snake feeder: Dragonfly.
Mosquito hawk: Dragonfly.
Snap beans: Green beans.
Light bread: White bread.
Flitter: Pancake.
Corn dodgers: Hushpuppies.
Pulleybone: Wishbone.
Polecat: Skunk.
Cold drink: Soda pop.
Tank: Pond.
Dinner on the ground: Potluck dinner.

Now I realize this was a Texas-oriented study, but they missed the jon boat on some of these Southernisms. I don't mention it much, but I grew up in the SE and married into another old Southern family - lots of subjects for analysis.

(Even tho he's from Florida, I think Larry the Cable Guy uses ex's "My Family Tree is a Wreath" relations as his inspiration. GIT-R-DONE!*)

Cricket's addendum glossary of South Carolina Twang
Poke: sack, as in "tote a poke"
Rurnt: ruined (a pronuncian thing c/o ex-MIL)
Uncrunk: when a car's engine dies, as in "the car come uncrunk" (c/o ex's aunt)
Cooter: turtle
Mash: push, as in a button
Poke Salad: an edible weed often found along railroad tracks, to be harvested prior to berries coming out (I once fertilized one for a month thinking it was a hydrangea, then felt the poke salad plant - no longer considered merely a weed - was so pretty that I took its leaves to a Southern-transplant chef friend's house as a hostess gift - she was thrilled!)
Yellow Bells: forsythia bush
Thrift: short phlox
Close: description for humid weather, as in "it sho is close outside"
Carry: practically any movement - as in carry yourself to the store, not just carry your packages home
Yonder: from 'bout here to infinity
Salve (pronounced saaav): anything applied to skin, doesn't matter where it is from or what its for
Short Pants: they're not just called shorts
Dixie Store: Winn Dixie grocery store
R.O.C. Co-Cola: RC Cola, b/c that's how Andy Griffith said it in a commercial 50 years ago (c/o my dad)
Coke: Pepsi
Coke: Dr. Pepper
Coke: Orange
Coke: Sprite
Coke: Coke

*Larry's got it going on. He knows every girl's wish list:

Well that's it. I have to go now because they just opened a Victoria Secret inside the Bass Pro shop down here and I'm gonna go get some crotch-less waders and an orange teddy for my girl. I heard they also have dildos with scopes on em! ... (Lord I apologize for the dildo/scope thing.. that aint right!)
No, Larry ain't right, but I guess he's experienced in IF? Spread the news, bubba.



Julianna said...


GRITS - Girls Raised In The South

bald peanuts - boiled peanuts

Not only do you mash a button you also cut the light on....or cut the light off........but if you cut up, you'll get a whoopin'

you kin? - Are you related to me

Reckon? - You think so?

tee tee - never say "pee" or "piss" or "take a leak"

Sorry, it just brought back memories....

Cricket said...

I knew I could count on you, Julianna.

I shudda done it as a collaborative post with you, hypocrite that I am. I knew you'd add significantly to the list :)

I didn't even mention the premiere Southern snacking dessert - never mind Little Debbies, HoHos, MooMoos, DongDongs, HiDeHos, whatever. The Earth revolves around MOON PIES, my dad's favorite dessert (with an R.O.C. Co-Cola, of course) next to lemon meringue pies.

Soper said...

Yu furgot about "Coke salad"
"I Ain't got a dog in that fight"
"It's colder than a witches tit"
"D'jeet? -- Naw, D'jew?"

Oh, and "Cooter" means more than turtle...