Monday, September 04, 2006

What not to say

He: Eww. Did you see the woman breastfeeding behind me?
Me: Nooo?
He: Eww.
Me: You realize it is for food, right? It is not sexual.
He: Yeah, well, that's beside the point. It's in public.
Me: No, there is no point except it being food for a child. I don't care if she has the whole thing hanging out; it is food for a child when a child is hungry.
He: Eww.
Me: Don't dis a breastfeeding mother. Don't do it.
He: ...

Now I didn't go into the tirade about me pumping for seven months and how I would have loved the simplicity of a boob and an eager mouth with no plastic intervening, especially out in public.

Sometimes it is so evident that he is childless by choice.

He finally met mine today and I did no breastfeeding in public to celebrate the occasion. Otherwise, it went fairly well. They're both sweet, unassuming introverts, peas in a pod if they would reach out. Well, J did reach out and gave Glen a neck rub. Glen didn't know what to make of it, so I whispered to smile and act like it feels good. I kind of feel that way around Glen, too.


Kellie said...

LOL... oh I love that.

The first time my husband saw my sister-in-law breast feed his eyes got really wide like saucers and he didn't blink. It was just so obvious he was freaked out. He kept nudging me and staring wide eyed. Finally I said - you DO realize she's just feeding her child, she's not coming on to you right?

She later apologized to me for making him feel uncomfortable - I couldn't believe she felt like she had to apologize for FEEDING her baby. What does that say about our society?


You've got a great kid there...

DD said...

You saw a woman public?!

Holy crap.

I thought you said Glen was in his early 50's (late 40's?), not 15.

Val said...

"I did no breastfeeding in public to celebrate the occasion."
**Snort**, that's a good one! I would have LOVED IT if Zach had still been nursing @ 2.5 yrs when I 1st started dating Peran, just to see how he handled it, but alas, Zach weaned himself @ 21 mos...