Friday, September 29, 2006

What was I roaring about?

That was almost like, um, work.

I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that I made 16,000 copies today. I had to copy a handbook to be distributed on Tuesday. Time is in a crunch because I found out this "job" was still open very late into the annual timeline of duties.

Of course, as the mere, unpaid volunteer, I had to leave the fancy copier to the paid help, so I largely used the Riso. This "copier" is supposedly cheaper and is used for large jobs. Unfortunately, this piece of shit only copies on one side, sends pages flying and makes tidy piles (to be refed theoretically without jamming) impossible, does not collate, and does not staple.

If I wanted double-sided, I had to run the lot through again. If I want to collate, I must have a collating party. If I want to staple, I have to organize a stapling party. And a counting and distribution party.

And if I want anyone to come to this menial and manual party, I must find and invite them myself. Guess where I'll be Monday.

I didn't mention before a huge reason I am doing this job. The women who have held this position before me each did a fabulous job and I have the utmost respect, especially as I get my feet wet. They are foremost in my mind. This program has benefited my son like no other. I am "paying it back" to those who provided for him.

And earning karma by the ream.

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Kellie said...

Oh yeah, the joys of volunteering!

Hang in there.