Sunday, October 01, 2006

Art history for the 9yo boy

Mother: Look, my son, at this piece by a very famous painter. Unlike the more angular paintings we have been viewing, this on was painted years later. It flows and curls. Instead of being called Dutch Genre, this style of painting is called Baroque. Movement, curves, and colors are exaggerated.
The 9yo, while gratefully resting his feet from the Museum Death March of his own doing, absorbs the work.
9yo son: Wouldn't you hate standing under them?
Mother: Why?
9yo son: Because they don't have on diapers and they would pee and poop on your head. It would be 20 gallons on diarrhea coming down on your head.
Mother: Flow, indeed. Obviously, my work is done here.


Donna said...

Of course he's right, it's just something our adult minds would never think about when we look at this painting. I envy you, having his perspective.

Anonymous said...

that is too funny!

He is such a lucky boy to have a mother who supports his right brain growth so much.

Kellie said...

LOL, Classic. Well, at least he's not to the point that when he sees naked people in paintings he starts to drool and says "mmmmm, nipples." I wish I could be so lucky.

DD said...

Wha? He didn't notice the cow-tipping? What's wrong with that child?!

Cricket said...

We definitely noticed the nudity, especially nekked babies. He would exclaim about putting something on that baby. I am raising a prude, through no fault of my own.