Thursday, October 12, 2006

Infertility in the stars

What a week for revelations, I mean besides Tara admitting to awful plastic surgery.

The rumors flying around Madonna seem to have panned out. She's adopting a toddler from Malawi who lost his mother and whose father/family approves of him moving up the opportunity ladder. Life outside an orphanage, regular meals, schooling... that dad is a loving and generous one, however despite all the glam, I sure would hate to be Madonna's kid. She doesn't even allow cola.

The real news behind this, because we all suspected the Angie factor in play already, was the infertility message.

Life & Style reports that Madge and Guy are definitely in the process of adopting a boy from Africa. An insider close to the star says the adoption follows three years of fertility treatments. "They just couldn't get pregnant again," the insider says.
But then Perez had to add, "Congrats to Madonna. Whether its through adoption or having your own, babies are a beautiful thing!" Sorry, silly Perez, your sentiment was right on, but you missed the mark completely. Thanks, though, for at least being the only gossip blogger referencing Madonna, Guy, and infertility, as far as I could tell.

Shifting gears. Okay, Madonna put up with a week's worth of adoption rumors, but poor Sandra Bullock has been hounded about pregnancy since her marriage. Many times when this happens, when there's a little pooch, I worry that it is an ART-induced pooch and the questions are insult to injury, real injury in the form of fertility pills and potions. Sandra put that "Are you pregnant?" frustration into words this week:
Bullock whipped around, got right in the reporter’s face, and pointing her finger, yelled: “Oh my god that is just a disgusting question. And you know what? What if I couldn't have kids? You know what? That’s the way you make women feel when you ask them that question."
Not only does she have a potential ART pooch, she has an ART mood!

Not usually a fav, she's growing on me.


ETA: How dare I neglect the J Lo angle, because contraception is everyone's business and Billy would not have asked this of Marc or if Marc was there, so it is sexist as well. J Lo was quite generous. Maybe Sandra makes house calls providing her coal raking services.

From PopSugar:
Billy Bush clearly doesn't think before he speaks. The Access Hollywood host made a total embarrassment of himself harassing Jeremy Piven at the Emmys, sending Eva to the hospital, and now awkwardly asking J Lo during an interview if she's "actively precaution free." Is he serious?

“What about children of your own?” Billy asked, “Slowing down the career and having that family … are you going to do it?”
“Yeah, yeah. I mean I do want to do it,” the 37-year-old superstar answered. “But I guess it’ll happen in its own time, naturally. I always say the same thing and we’ll see.”
“Is it up in the air?” Billy followed up, “Are you actively precaution free?”
Before Billy could add to the question, Jennifer began to laugh out loud, in mock disbelief.
“Did he say precaution free? If Marc was here, I’d be getting a signal like [cut it!],” she laughed.


DD said...

Someone said what's the big deal of Madonna gets special txmt b/c she wants to adopt, the child gets a lifestyle others only dream about. However, no one mentioned that the lifestyle may very well lead to an OD, sexual scandal or some other self-destructive attitude as they start to think "I'm Madonna's child and I can do whatever the fuck I want!" Lots of money certainly doesn't equal lots of happiness.

And good for Sandra. You should have been tipped off that she's no wallflower when she married Jesse James.

Sandy said...

I adore Sandra Bullock - even more so now for that comeback!

Val said...

I'm not a Sandra Bullock fan either -- but I do admire the tongue-lashing she gave that a**hole!
I just wish my BF could find peace -- she's been on the infertility roller-coaster for almost 3 yrs now, preparing for synchronization w/anonymous egg donor (hey, I offered 1 of mine but I'M TOO OLD!!!)... I think it's B.S. that her dr promises her an "80% chance of getting pregnant"; what he needs to tell her are the percentages of LIVE BIRTHS... (I don't think things have improved THAT much!)

Orange said...

I remember reading something a couple years ago about Madonna trying some Ayurvedic herbs to get pregnant. My thought was, "Lady, you're in your forties. I'm not sure the herbs are your answer!" Good for her and Guy moving on to adoption.

My best friend and her female partner did their first donor-sperm insem a couple weeks ago, and got their first positive pee-stick results this weekend. I'm not used to seeing someone get pregnant on the very first try, so it's a refreshing change from the usual infertility story. The partner turns 40 this month,, you know? I'm much happier to see a 40-year-old demonstrate good fertility than to see a 24-year-old do it. I'm rambling, I know.

I haven't cared for Sandra Bullock much since she started lying about her age—she graduated from high school a year before me, but claimed to be a year younger than me. Harrumph!