Monday, March 26, 2007

Because he's so handsome




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Klynn said...

What a beautiful cat. I am so jealous. I'm a cat person, married to someone who has a terrible cat allergy. :-(

Give him a little scratch behind the ears from me.

DD said...

He looks very calm and content so he must be settling in very nicely. There's certainly an advantage to introducing kitty to a new house during Spring. You can coax them out of hiding by just opening a window.

Cricket said...

Okay, this cat does not coax out for shit. I am realizing and accepting that. He runs the show.

I made sure he was up all day yesterday so that he'd sleep at night instead of play, which was relatively successful, except I was awake all night not hearing him. Hmmm, something wrong with that picture!

I heard him eat twice and sharpen nails once. The latter was on a box, so I was glad for his choice.

However, J got out of bed early to go play with the cat and he was nowhere to be found.

He got shots and stuff yesterday, was a champ. Really took it all in stride. The vet felt like he might even be older than 6 yrs. He sure doesn't act like it.

I keep thinking, with some guilt, that he was Somebody's cat; he came from Ohio.

Well, we're taking good care of him, Somebody Buckeye.

Well-heeled mom said...

Yes, he is handsome!