Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Phone, rings

I think he has a phone phobia like me.

I decided to call around dinner time at his house, figuring he would not be home from work yet. I was surprised when he answered and he was very glad to hear from me. He mumbled about getting ready to call me. Then he asked question after question about stuff in my life because we hadn't talked since Sunday.

He said he was just about to go to his mother's to fix her some dinner; he did that last night and it was a big hit. The woman is quite hard to get along with, but she mostly just wants company. She does have neighbors who visit, but she needs more.

So I told him to be off to his mother's, then he kept talking and asking questions about my day. Oh, that got me started about the jewelry store and I told him he really needed to go. I made him hang up and tend his mom, even as he kept trying to talk. He said he'd call when he got home.

I assume he's home by now. It's 11pm. No phone.


About the jewelry store - they called yesterday and said my estimate was ready, so I went by there today after my Old and Esteemed Woman's Organization luncheon. When I saw the estimate, I was flabbergasted and was quite verbal about it. The ring (total 1.4 ct, with center at 1.04ct; engagement band has center plus 4 smaller diamonds, wedding band has 5 smaller diamonds, all set in platinum) cost $5000. The appraisal that came with the diamond said $7100 and the $1100 bands were supposedly worth $1800. So, it was almost a $9000 set.

Although I'd gotten about half value from this store on a previous diamond (.96ct, value $6000, paid $3000 in a 18K setting w/2 trillions, got $2500 for the diamond alone) and was satisfied, the sales guy when I dropped it off said to not be surprised if I got 1/3 of what this one is worth. Going in, I'd figured half of $9000, so $4500. His statement knocked my expectations down to $3300, or so I thought. I told him then I was surprised, but he didn't know if there'd been a change in policy.

Well, they said they'd give me $1400 for the engagement ring and $90 for the wedding. Yup, almost a carat and a half in platinum.

So I asked to speak to the appraiser and spoke of my surprise, particularly in comparison to my previous experience with a smaller diamond in no setting. She said they changed their consignment system from before. She said the appraisal that came with the ring is not to believed, that they are essentially trash. I was told that the setting is gauged as scrap, so it is worthless. She said she cannot appraise at wholesale because they are selling used jewelry in that showcase and people expect it cheap. I said it is nothing out of their pocket for them to sell my rings on consignment. They don't pay me until it sells, then I've made them a couple grand. She said they are doing people a favor by selling their jewelery. It is a business decision. I replied that they are using other people's assets to boost their own inventory and that's the part that's a good business decision. Using others is fine, not taking advantage of others.

I'm still mad.

As I was saying that I wanted to take the rings back, the stoooopid sales guy asked me if I wanted to put them back on!?!?!?!? I replied that I want nothing to do with them, that's why I brought them there, I do not want to touch them, put them in something for me.


I refused to pay their $20 evaulation fee.

I can live without $1500 better than I can contemplate someone profiting like that from me.

Sorry, DD. You said to take what I could get. I feel a distinct need to profit from P a bit more than that. I've lost so fucking much already.

Ted called about 11:20 and we talked for two hours. I guess I am too impatient. He is wonderful for me to unload on - for example I have my biofeedback test in a few hours and am quite nervous, yet he can joke and make me calmer. I like him despite what I don't like. He listens to me without judging. Priceless.

I feel relaxed, like I just left a good biofeedback session. Nice.


Anonymous said...

how frustrating! Is ebay an option?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cricket,

FYI, I googled "resale jewelry" and a few of the results may be promising:


Good luck.