Thursday, March 08, 2007


My son and I love board games. It's great one-on-one time. I often give them as gifts to him, but sometimes I'll get one just 'cause.

He can now whip my butt in Connect Four. It's embarrassing. I used to cream him. I guess that's how he got better. Goodness knows, I am too competitive to coddle.

Him being so mechanical/military vehicle oriented, he got Battleship a long time ago. In my frenzy to always win, I remember fearing him not reporting accurately whether B3 was occupied or not. It led to a lot of frustration on my part, because sometimes B3 was occupied, yet ill reported, and it took me many turns and a lot of divining to find out. I can trust him now, thank goodness.

He's a math kid. Grids are more natural to him.

It's well established that he's not the best in the verbal/reading/spelling spectrum, so I decided to surprise him yesterday with Parker Brothers Hangman. Games are great for sneaking in skills practice. Yahtzee is how I learned to multiply.

As you can see, Hangman looks amazingly like Battleship and I soon had the same fear.

We began with simple words. He chose "plane" to begin.

The next word, I had such trouble figuring out that my man got hung. I believe I had it down to A _ _ _ B E T. I had visions of being on Wheel of Fortune and being laughed at for the puzzle's simplicity and my ignorance.

So, my son won and he was very proud of himself. Anxious, I got to experience the reveal.

A _ _ _ B E T



Yeah, and there is no battleship located at B3 either.

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