Friday, March 23, 2007

RIP Aar0n, Welcome M3mphis

When I called the pet rescue place this morning, she said that one animal at the pet store was removed last night because of a drippy nose. She said to call the store to figure out which one. At the store, they said that two were removed, A.aron (the affectionate tuxedo I loved on Wednesday afternoon) and another, but not Mem.phis.

So I figured that made up my mind for me. Mem.phis for now.

I inquired somemore at the store, wondering if I could get A.aron later and one of the techs said that A.aron wasn't expected to make it. He's lost a lot of fluids and was ill all over the place.

They think it was his food.

Which they now say is rat poison.

I hope his statistic counts, even if he was an unowned pet.

I am very sad about him and will call the pet rescue people next week to ask about him. I wonder how much vet care they'll put into him.

In the meantime, Mem.phis is home and hiding out, per expectations. I did get a collar with a bell on him, so I can tell his movements inside. He cried in the pet carrier coming home (I liked hearing his soft voice, as he isn't a talker like Sad!e was), but he still nuzzled my finger. He has such a great disposition. Later, he was happy enough when J pulled him out of hiding to be held even by ex, who was quite surprised at his laid back nature. However, until Mem.phis gets all the junky nooks and crannies figured out, he'll be relatively anti-social, I think.

I just hope he is a bed kitty.

I can hear him finally eating, good progress.

Pictures when he comes out of hiding.

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