Sunday, August 19, 2007

Also apropos

For the nay sayers


our header friend is a Great Green Bush variety of Cricket.

Enough said...

except if I were to use a grasshopper photo, it would be this one.

except doing this has flushed 'em from the bushes. Thanks for showing up. And, Nita, I didn't even know you were blogging again. I guess I have some archives to read about the princess.


DD said...

The Great Green Bush?

As good as nickname for your girlie parts as any, I suppose.

Cricket said...

Yes, it goes particularly well with my cricket box About Me photo.

Ron Southern said...

They all look the same when I squash 'em under foot!

former exterminator,

Cricket said...

Ron, you would.

I guess the exterminator part explains a lot.

twitch twitch