Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thanks, Oro

I have BV again - third time in 18 months - and I blame Oro this time.

The doctor's office called in a script for me, but they weren't clear, so the pharmacist wouldn't fill it, then couldn't get anyone on the phone.

At first I was antsy about it. Then I remembered the brunch on Sunday for which I am in charge of the Bloody Marys.

This antibiotic means no alcohol.

Fuck it. I'll start it on Monday.

No problem, Oro.


Well-heeled mom said...

I love a bloody mary, and they are definitely worth delaying meds. Okay, I am ignorant I admit - what is a BV?

Cricket said...

Bacterial vaginosis - it is my equivalent to a yeast infection, I guess. Never had the latter or even a bladder infection, but now 3x with BV in 18 months. It is a little naughtier in comparison b/c it can be sexually transmitted (although guys don't have to do anything b/c they're guys, kinda like HPV), but I don't even have the intercourse excuse. Mine is spontaneous, this time anyway.

Cricket said...

BTW, there are no bad symptoms, just sometimes a discharge, so it's no big deal waiting. The first time I got it, I waited about 6w to fill the prescription.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I do what I can!

Alas, mine won't be treated for a few more weeks...and boy, that will be cool, cuz I can use a little of it to treat my acne at the same time.

Does that make me really sad?

A said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Cricket