Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Few more bits

J and I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas last night on TV. Then there was another version at 8:30 and ABC advertised a third version for next Monday. Where have I been? How could I have missed so many Charlie Browns? That hockey player Schroeder was sexy. Lucy thought so, too.


I had to cut down my apple tree in August; it was so laden with fruit that it was tipping over. Aesthetically, I have missed the tree tremendously. My flat yard looks ghetto to me now. With this weather, I am appreciating what a wind break it was. My windows keep vibrating.

Speaking of games, my mother sent me this link to a game that's, um, very relaxing. Try it. NSFW


In my quest to find different types of blogs, I've in part gone the single woman and mental illness routes. Mental illness is something I largely ignore here and try to ignore in general. It is no fun feeling depressive and I hide it very well if I burrow myself away as I'm apt to do. In fact, my therapist, who said last year that I am not as ill as I thought I was, told me last week after nine years together that she doesn't feel like she knows me or my darkness. Nor do you, folks. I've tried. Needing support unfortunately has the paradoxical effect of scaring people away.

However, I plan to let others speak for me as I come upon the apropos. Here is a post that describes single woman social awkwardness and isolation to a T and another that describes the 'shit, it happened again' aspect of having a mouth and a mental illness. Please read them.


Booger child found one of my Xmas present stashes. He had the good graces to look while I was around and I just let him snoop upstairs and down. Then I heard the sound of that particular cabinet and I knew I was busted. (The wide double doors won't stay closed, so there are two drumsticks threaded through the handles to keep Spenc.er out. High tech living, I tell ya.)

Merely mentioning it is an understatement, but my kitchen is old and poorly designed. One corner has the dishwasher to one side, then lots of dead space going back to the walls. I've hidden presents there for years. Alas, my secret is out. At least they're all still in the delivery boxes, thanks to "Amazon" with a thousand boxes that came. He was awed by the numbers, which is a good thing, green or not, and has been sworn to not touch. Or shake.


Seems I am a "joiner" this season. I decided to submit my "best" of the year at the lovely Stirrup Jester place. You should do the same. I figured an infertility post would suit the audience most. And besides, commenters called my post a great one. I don't know if "best" applies exactly, but it is heartfelt and ever so thorough as I am wont to be. So there.


Off to get my passport renewal photos taken!


Anonymous said...

At least here in Californai they have been showing Christmas shows like that at 8:00pm and usually channel 7. I have watched them all as my sons walking in and out.
I cannot wait for Rudolph.

Cricket said...

I've said the same thing. Rudolph! And Frosty!

Anonymous said...

Tonight Rudolph was on, did you see it?

Cricket said...

I saw it in the listing for CBS after it was over. Bummer.

I_Sell_Books said...

Thanks for those articles. I'm not bipolar, but I can relate on the depression level...you think weird when you're depressed, I can't quite imagine the clear haziness of being bipolar.