Tuesday, January 15, 2008

As an aside

I'm up to crash number three. :::shaking head:::

I have plumb amazed myself at how much time I can spend looking for a new cat online.

Some rescue outfits have grand descriptions and I want to take all the kitties home.

Unfortunately, those and many other rescuers require a home visit, something I am not willing to do. Yup, I'm that bad a house keeper and refuse the scrutiny.

Unfortunately we were at a pet store and happened upon an adoption fair two weekends ago and J fell in love with one. This cat is a muted gray tabby about nine months old. He is both very playful and very loving, just purred and reclined in the woman's arms. This organization requires home visits, but I am going to request a bye this weekend just to satisfy J.

We really need the playful to satisfy Spenc.er and hopefully distract him from chasing Memph.is, who has a hard time getting out from under the bed to eat or pee. We need the loving because our cats love me long time and love J less. It's not him as much as what chunks of the day they spend with me. J desperately wants a cat to sit on his lap without me as the impetus.

This muted gray kitty is named Murp.hy, which is way too close to Memph.ie, so we've contemplated changing it to Mon.ty or Ralph.ie.

I've found other cats online, too. One very active one has a heart murmur, though, and I know I have limited funds to invest if it got worse; I should inquire how bad it is. Two others are equally active and come from homes, not rescue, but it's not clear yet about fixing and shots. They're both around six to nine months.

As a cat lover, it seems odd to have to prove myself to the rescue organizations, but they require it. I remember one that would check down the line about vet care in the future and charge $700 if it wasn't kept up. The one that I got Memph from required a vet check within 72 hours; between that and the adoption, I was out about $300 mighty quick.

Unfortunately, they're not up front about these additional expenses and invasions of privacy and you have to dig. I've learned that not only should you match cats, you should match rescue organizations. I could have educated Ellen a long time ago.

Tell you the truth, I'm a bit tired of looking, but I have extra incentive. Ex leaves this weekend and I really want a new cat as a distraction for my son.


brite69 said...


We saw one at some ginormous pet shop this weekend that I wanted to take home. Looked exactly like my Harley. Can't really get another cat in here, though. The 5 that are here already are kicking my butt. o_O

Also, I don't know how often this will come up, but I figure I should offer up the advice just in case you should ever need it.

Changing cat litter while intoxicated is INCREDIBLY difficult and will more than likely lead to a broken dustpan.

You remember that. :-P

Aunt Becky said...

I love cats. So much so that we fostered cats and kittens for a local organization in our home. It was a ton of fun.

Good luck on your quest!

Anonymous said...

You can have the one I do not adopt (any and all). I am allergic and even the word makes me get stuffy.

Good luck in the search.


Anonymous said...

I hope J finds one soon!
Ex leaves this weekend already?
Wow, that was quick.
Did you decide what you are going to do with J and the half siblings?
Is he going over there to visit?
I am sure you must have alot of feelings going on right now.
Take care.