Friday, January 25, 2008

Keeping It Real

I won an award this week, ya'll! And I am so pleased. I Keep It Real.

This is what bipolarlawyercook wrote. But first, she and I have one of those attributes in common. Can you guess? It's not lawyer or cook!

Keeping it Real: Cricket at Churp! Churp! is the Queen of Keeping it Real. Despite having a lot (and I mean a LOT) on her plate, being a single Mom to a growing boy, maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship with her Ex for her son J’s sake, trying to keep “out there” for her own sake, just getting through this crazy thing called life, and now having Ex be deployed in this endless war, Cricket pulls no punches and tells no bullshit as she tells her tales. Her sense of humor and fairness are astounding, and her determination to make the best of things is inspiring.
Wow, just wow! She pegged me - especially that last sentence - if I don't say so myself. I had to brag to my therapist that somebody actually gets me! And my therapist just beamed! What a love fest! (Of course, I know my other very special readers get me, too.) And bless bipolarlawyercook's heart, she didn't even say minutiae-oriented, trivial, obsessive, critical, cat woman, or whiny one time!

I've never used so many exclamation points in a single paragraph in my life. Thanks, bipolarlawyercook, for making my week. Go check out her other award winners in some very creative categories. They are my 'to do' list now.


Val said...

I just KNEW I liked her (BCL that is) ;-)... Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome Cricket and it's the are real which is why I take such pleasure in reading you every day now!

Aunt Becky said...

Congrats! Go Miss Crix!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely well deserved.

Sorry I haven't been around. Bloglines hasn't told me you've had new posts. Stupid bloglines.

Anonymous said...

You deserve it!