Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Multi-media East Coast Tween Sex Talk

I am working diligently on gathering materials and ideas for the sex talk I will have with 10yo J in the coming weeks or months.

What do you think about this sexxxxy sex ed poster?

But really, should sex ed encourage hard ons?

It is tough to come to the realization, but I know I've failed a bit already. "The days of 'the talk' are over. Think sound bytes." Although I've always answered his questions, what I was lead to believe was the proper way, I don't think he's asked enough questions, not because he's not curious, but because he's basically shy.

Variations of The Talk
Short version:Talking With Kids About Sex and Relationships
WebMD long version, age by age: Sexuality Education: What To Tell Your Children

Here are Juno actors, Jason Bateman and Michael Cera, trying to cover the mechanics of The Sex Talk.

The MidWest Teen Sex Show is a bit more successful as it graphically and humorously talks about sex and all sorts of teenaged unmentionables. Yeah, used to be, Mom threw a book at you to learn about sex. Now she pulls up YouTube or a podcast.

Check out this episode about parents and The Talk, but don't miss the podcasts about male and female masturbation, the first time, birth control, and back door explorations. (Seriously, watch one. You'll laugh your momma lovin' behind off.)

I guess it beats Freaks and Geeks.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

We have always been open about the "sex talk with our two older ones.. They feel embarrassed by it but it is information they need to know.. Afterall we lived that right? We know what we are talking about and we know the pressures put on kids and the mere fact that schools just don't cut it where concerning this subject... BTW.. I would like to add you to my blogroll....Cheers..

Cricket said...

Wow, thanks a lot. I just discovered you yesterday with the fun photo hunt. I'll add you to my Bloglines.

Aunt Becky said...

I have bookmarked pages in my Microbiology text just waiting for hte day.

Anonymous said...

I loooove Jason Bateman and Michael Cera on Arrested Dev., great combo but prolly not so good for sex talk. I got nothing on this one because no matter how many times I tried to talk to Jack about this he absorbed NOTHING.

Val said...

"Whack-a-mole"!!! I almost wet myself...
& that anime poster is great, Z would LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

That poster is WICKED creepy.

Anonymous said...

My mom and dad were cool about it and did not make a huge deal of it. The only rule was, if she ends up pregnant, you are paying in full for everything in regards to that kid and you are out of here!

Apparently something stuck. I have had many girlfriends and many relationships, but I am 36 and no one calls me daddy as of this day.