Monday, August 25, 2008

Old Navy, new aggrivation

Like any other cheapo mom, I went to Old Navy for $7 jeans for my son on Saturday. In fact, we went on Friday so I could size him, as he'd be over at ex's on Saturday. On Friday, the boys' shelves were only about 25% stocked, but there was a girl working on it with a jeans cart next to her.

When we found a style that fit J, I asked her to find other styles in the same size, per her offering and suggestion. She couldn't find another pair of jeans in this size.

I should have taken it as a sign.

I drug my feet all day on Saturday and didn't make it back to Old Navy until 5pm. There was one whole pair of boys' jeans on the shelves. One. I went back up to the front to inquire whether they had rain checks or not. Mostly I wanted to be a nuisance. And I was.

I asked the cashier about it and she had no idea what a rain check was, so she got the manager, who almost laughed in my face.

She declared that it was a major campaign with lots of ads and the store had opened at 8am, so I should have come in earlier. I didn't remember the 8am part being advertised, but I didn't think that going in later would be too bad. Concerning the numbers of jeans they might have had, I told her that there's no way I could know what kind of stock they did have, that I expected to find what was advertised. I told her that we were there determining sizes on Friday, but there was very little stock. She replied, "Ah ha!," as if the low stock on Friday should have been my clue. How was I to know that would be all they had?

She told me to go back to the girl's section and pick out some jeans, which will then have the manager's approval to exchange for boys' jeans when they come in.

Hmm, I'm still wondering. It seems rather hypocritical for her to think that I could innately be knowledgeable about the boys' low stock, whilst at the very same time realize there are shelves and shelves of girls' stock at the ready. How could I predict there would be such a vast difference? Isn't there a dash of irony in there, too?

As instructed, I chose four pairs from girls'. I asked the Assistant Manager on the way out when the boys' stock would be in. She replied that it's be Monday.

Shucks, I didn't make it by there today to test them out. At least, I'll be able to get my $28 back at the very worst. And I might get four pairs of jeans for J.

I'm all for being a nuisance whenever I can. Especially to hypocrites.


Ron Southern said...

You're a pistol!

Anonymous said...

Old Navy is a bad bad place....

Hope the pants thing works out for you and the kiddo...I know as a kid I hated clothes shopping, especially at school time.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, I'm too big and tall to buy jeans or any other pants on sale. I always have to pay full price. At least you have a sale exchange which is still pretty good. I hope the boys' jeans come in soon.

Well-heeled mom said...

I love Old Navy because The Boy can almost get all of his shopping done in one place. However, it peeves me that there is so much more to choose from for the girls his age than for the boys his age. WTF?