Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Conquering the head rug demon

I've been talking to my friend, Richard, a lot lately. We'll go through spells where we talk once a month, but we've been talking/emailing a few times a week for a while. It is perfect having a guy friend as a sounding board, especially one who knows you so well and loves you so much.

I'd told him about the hair.piece last week and he was rather incredulous. Richard has a receding hairline and doesn't exactly have black-guy-bald going on, but it is clipped very short so you just barely see the outline of his hair. I envy his confidence about everything and he just takes it all in stride. He makes me laugh, too, and that is so sexy.

When I complained yesterday about how hard it is to kiss a guy whilst avoiding the third party, that I am all over the whole head gripping, petting, stroking, and grabbing for all a passionate kiss is worth, he replied heartily with a laugh, "It's been a while, but oh I remember it quite well, Honey."

I am shocked at the passion Ted elicits from me, that I do want to grab him that way.

So I thought of a great line for today. I do not think I have the nerve to use it, but it's an ace up my sleeve as I contemplate.

"I've never fucked a guy wearing a hair.piece before. I'd like to keep it that way."

Richard said he'd be ripping the sucker off.

It gives Ted a choice, but it boarders on ultimatum as well. I'm curious how Ted would take it, as he is the sensitive sort as much as he would not want to admit it. I don't know how long he's worn the thing, if he might have plug scarring or something, and I figure it probably looks funny naked with all the longer hair around the sides. I think it is dyed to match the top. Oh, yeah, dyed male hair is just one more thing I am loathe to see. How on Earth could I get him to lose the top and naturalize the sides? This project feels daunting.

If I had my druthers, I'd probably prefer the bald or close to bald look like Richard.

On the flip side, I wonder, "Who am I to say?" However, if I don't say, then, "Who am I to stick around and feel uncomfortable?" And, goodness, wouldn't it be stupid to waste a relationship over a squirrely slab of acrylic?


DD said...

Squirrely slab of acrylic?!

I love it!

Not the slab. The description.

I also see your DNA. Looks great. I wished mine worked in the sidebar.

Well-heeled mom said...

I wonder if he has considered hairplugs? Maybe nobody has ever told him how fake the rug looks.

Anonymous said...

You didn't ask for advice from the Peanut Gallery. So, I mention this:

A) acknowledging that we are both fully aware of the unsolicited nature of my opinion,

B) accepting in advance any "Expletive Deletives" (#*** @**!) you choose to level in my direction.

because I'm so thrilled I can't help it. ;)

Finally! A REAL man in your life, and he's flipping your skirt (at least a little, right?).

$1,000 says he wants you (and on some level you know that)! So, the question is whether or not he's worth a bit of effort. ;) Have you ever sport-fished, Cricket? This guy is like the king of the sea. You deserve someone worthy of you.


Cricket said...

Although it is my usual MO, bcc, you sure are able to see beyond the cosmetic.

The man is my equal in being a PITA, except he is a man, so he is, of course, much worse.

I'll see where it goes, unloading here when I need and hopefully highlighting some good along the way, too.