Sunday, March 25, 2007

Timeline for my edification

Mem.phis kicked into overdrive Friday night around 10pm. He's been at my house about 7.5 hours, mostly hiding under my bed, under the old office desk, under the couch, or under the china cabinet.

He kept me awake almost all night - pacing, purring, playing in my bedroom. Very sweet. Good bonding time.

Finally, I started sleeping around 7am on Saturday and slept to 10 or 11.

I didn't see him all day, although I did search/call/use flashlight. He seemed to have eaten and used the litter box. I figured his clock is off and I need to reset it, although he'll probably be most active at night for a while.

He finally woke up and came out of hiding around 3. He let me pet him in my bedroom, not quite as vigorously as during the night, but very much there and interested. However, as I was getting ready and re-entered my room too quickly, he scooted under my bed in fear and I lost track of him.

When I left at 4, I thought he was under my bed.

I met Ted for a movie (300, good but not great, as much as I am a Gerry fan. Not really understanding all the hype.) Ted actually paid for our two drinks ahead of time, the movie, and part of dinner. I decided to print off some certificates from - got $120 worth of food for $18.40. Current code is "madness." So, I paid only about $4 for the $25 certificate we used, with a $35 minimum purchase and he paid the balance. Somehow he figured out that I really can't afford this. [Hey Ted! Did you find my blog? I know you're interested again and I will not be encouraging you to update your computer any time soon. So there.]

After dinner, I came home for an hour to make sure the cat had not devoured the fish. He didn't. I put a box over the fish, but never saw the cat. I also closed the three bedroom doors and both bathroom doors so I might figure out his hiding place. I arranged his hard food in the kitchen, so that if he were downstairs and not locked up in the bedrooms, I'd be able to tell.

I stayed at Ted's and got home at noon on Sunday. The food downstairs had not been touched. There was no misc poop in a closed off bedroom as far as I can tell.

Either he's still in hiding upstairs someplace or he's dead downstairs. There's no way he got outside. I do have a junky house, but jeez this is ridiculous.

I am at a loss. It's been almost 24 hours since I've seen him. This cat is driving me crazy. My ears are prickly, wanting to hear the bell and jumping at every creek.

Ted just called after getting my message. He thinks it's a hiding cat like his mother's. He thinks I'm sounding like his senile mother, who can never find hers. He thinks I don't need to spend the next dozen years looking for a cat who doesn't want to be found, particularly after having a gem like Sad!e.

I just don't know, as I sit and wait for a little bell to tinkle.

Ted and I were planning on a long walk shortly. Don't know now.

I wanted a cat for comfort, not stress. Please let us all adjust gracefully.

I have a vet appt for him at 5 tomorrow, per the adoption agreement. It'll be mighty embarrassing to say we could not find the cat to go.

Almost 4pm, I was dejected and went to lay down. The covers had been folded down to the end. I put my feet under the comforter. It was warm and fuzzy. It was a cat, very ahppy to see me.

Perhaps he's very tired from what he's been through, but I was inches away from him several times today. He's skinny, but ate half a can of Fancy Feast (not on the killer list). However, I am glad to have a vet appointment for him tomorrow. The booger.


brite69 said...

My cats hide like that, too. The only one I can find at the moment is the littlest one. o_O

Harley used to hide in the strangest places. There was one time I found her on the cupboard over the stove. I'd been looking for her for hours and the only reason I found her is cuzz she woke up and realized she couldn't figure out how to get back down. LOL

Cricket said...

I am so glad you said that. I was so spoiled with Sad!e. I called and she came, even when she was deaf because she was pretty good at lip reading. heh

Before having Sad!e alone, I had a bunch of cats, always joking that I could call and at least one would come. Guess I need more cats again.