Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brain action

I am surviving the workshop, doing as well as the others.

There's a lot of talk about brain structure and I wish there were more hands-on time.

Yesterday, I did my first assessment. That means I hooked up the electrodes to the amplifier, back to the computer, and up to the specific spots on the head. I cannot tell you how complicated that is and how many ways there are to mess up those five wires. I was lucky in that my partner has some experience. I hope she stays my partner today.

Today I'll also learn what my assessment said. The conditions were not optimal for the readings (afternoon, bouncing leg, less than relaxing environment, etc) and not much is expected, but I am curious to have this world-renowned practioner look at it.

I am debating on extending my workshop experience until Thursday. The first time I registered, I did until Thursday. The second, only until Tuesday, but I'd forgotten that. I think I need the extra help, but I need to still have a brain by then. All things considered, I think I could do it.

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