Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Falls

I was preparing my art bag for Tuesday and came across some old plein air paintings. This is of the local falls, a rather large one. I did two others in Aug 06 and should root around and find them, too. J was in camp and I painted three over two days. I like the looseness and use of color, the representational without being overly so. This is the style I hope to use in the plein air class - saturated color with seemingly few details, which actually take a lot to look that way.


Anonymous said...

I love the sense of movement and light.

Anonymous said...

I usually do not care for this kind of art.
But something about this painting catches my eye every time I check to see if you have blogged.
It is really pretty.
Have you tried to sell it?
Hope to see you blogging soon!