Saturday, September 29, 2007

First oil

I did my first oil class homework Friday - a B/W values study of a still life. I chose to do a still life of one piece, because it was my first oil, of course.

The first class I missed b/c of the EEG workshop. Then on Monday I said I'd be a real artist when I began painting, but class time was filled with canvas prep and gessoing that and paper. I had no surface dry enough, so I couldn't paint. The gesso paper prep was something the rest of the class had done the week before, so they were beginning their second paintings.

My bowl looks a little square, but for what the shape lacks, the tones work well. It looks great from a distance. I am happy with the depth and, as J put it, yin yang. What depth he has!

I guess I am a painter now.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have guessed that was your first oil. Oh, I do envy people who can paint and draw! My only talent is drawing horses, and even then they always face to the left...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!

I am so very proud of you!