Thursday, September 13, 2007

What's up?

EEG training starts tomorrow. It runs seven continuous days. I'm in a world of hurts, seeins how I can't string seven continuous minutes of concentration together.

Please just don't let it be a waste.

During that time, I will miss my first oils class. I will miss learning how to stretch canvas. I emailed him for alternatives, but haven't heard back. Alas. I will feel behind the following Monday.

That next Tuesday is when I begin my plein air class. I will be hoping for continued good weather. Today I ordered a "few" art supplies to help with the class. "Few," of course, means over $300. Gosh, what a change in perspective. I know I'll get good use out of them, however.

Last night, ex was supposed to coordinate the taking of names and money for me for a scout thing I'm hosting next month, then faxing the form today b/c my fax broke this week. Note to self: don't ask ex to follow through on anything. I know a couple misc people signed up and a few less paid, no clue whom, and it's for something which must be registered today to secure out spot. Thanks, ex.

I have bad news about the $1500 engagement ring, but it is too drawn out to type. Suffice it to say, I will be receiving $0 b/c of a bank screw up I have no faith with get fixed. I figure I didn't pay for the ring, so it's no skin off my teeth to have nothing for it. Believe that??

Lastly, b/c of the workshop, I may not blog for a week. Depends on my stamina. Depends on my brain.

Take care, bloggers.

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