Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sushi's not so bad

I actually enjoyed it. Daniel was a very good teacher, said if I didn't like it that we'd order from the hot portion of the menu. That wasn't necessary and I practically cleaned my plate, or platform thing, whatever that was. I think I liked the salmon the best. Like the shashimi (sp?), also, especially the tuna and one with orange eggs. Wasabi is yummy, as is the ginger, but thank goodness for plain, clumpy white rice to soothe the burning mouth.

The date was good, too, but kind of fatherly or at least he reminds me of my father, who was 11 when Daniel was born. Daniel is 55 and he seems 55, not a young 55, so he seems old school. I said we could go out again, because I do like his company. You know me, I figure the rest will follow and, if it doesn't, I'll end things then.

We're going out again in two weeks. I got my schedule mixed up a bit, but that's alright. I'm not in a burning desire to go out quickly.

After we ate, I told him I'd like to go for a walk. His high rise complex is close by, so we walked around there and through their common area. They have a bowling alley, indoor poor/hot tub, restaurant, pool room, etc, but most of the users are about 75. J and I would have so much fun there being the young folk taking advantage of the amenities.

We didn't talk about past relationships, so I am not sure why he's 55 and never married. I am curious how that happened, as he seems like a gentle, amicable guy. I guess I'll stuck around to try to figure it out.


brite69 said...

I'm glad to hear you had a good time!

Cricket said...

brite, I am so glad you can comment at work!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a nice dinner and a nice dining companion.
Good for you!

Well-heeled mom said...

Well it sounds pleasant, and pleasant is good, too!

Val said...

Hey -- GOOD sushi is not just "not bad"; GOOD sushi is "ALMOST" as good as sex!!!
(Used to go out w/one of my GF's & we would mimic Meg Ryan's fake O from "When Harry Met Sally"...)
I must have missed something - where did you meet Daniel?!?

Cricket said...

I met him online after I joined the dating site for my birthday and emailed him. We'd emailed and talked on the phone a few times.