Wednesday, September 05, 2007

By the numbers

First, I was hurt at many of your responses too my previous post. I do not share the lifestyles/choices of most of you, but I still support and do not criticize. I only expect the same respect in return and do not feeling like a voodoo doll being pin pricked.

Second, I really wish Chris were in a better place. I am going to try hard to call him more routinely. Neither one of us wants to loose contact.

Third, I have a date on Saturday night. This new guy is one I emailed when I joined the dating site for my birthday, so he is 'safe' for me to date on BOTH issues. He's a decade older than I and never been married. We're going for sushi, something I've always wanted a teacher to try. I'll admit he's seemed a little pompous on the phone, but I think I can get around it, as it is early and airs are common early.

Fourth, my son is actually showing motivation (without threats) in going to school. He's up early and getting a shower, eating breakfast. This morning we had so much time as to do an assignment that we didn't realize we had the matarials to do. He's excited about starting gifted math and violin, plus having us visit him for lunch. His father and I are amazed and hope he keeps it up.

Fifth, I see my psychiatrist in a little bit. Am going to ask for ritalin or something. Need to wake up and it figure it's the only way I can do EEG training is with it - oh the irony. Then after her, I see my therapist, then my GP. Hopefully there will be a plan for my tiredness.

Sixth, tonight I am hosting a singles thing. Looking forward to the appetizers, beers, followed by a movie. Can't wait. One of my favorite things in the world is a buzz and a flick, combined with safe driving. Hope my malaise doesn't interfere. Or this perpetually bouncing leg.

Seventh, ex goes for a follow up visit to a cardiologist today. He originally went to the dr for pink eye, then the dr heard a right side clog (didn't know that was possible to hear), then ex went for a stress test. Today is results day. I figure it it were really bad, they would have snagged him last week. I have really been affected by the thought of his heart going bad.

Eighth, so what's up with you? School? Hating following a bus in traffic? Break me out of this bubble and tell me what you're up to.


Anonymous said...

What's up with the oils! Art is good for the soul.

Hang in there sweetie.

DD said...

Um, I'm confused by No. 1.

No. 6 - Who do you get to invite to a Singles Gathering? Well, besides singles? I mean, is this something that is like a book club?

And back to No. 4 - You mean eventually we won't have to threaten our kid to get ready on time? It can't happen soon enough. God!

Klynn said...

Didn't see the negative comments, maybe you deleted them? Sorry folks were trying to bring you down. Hope everything goes well for you (date, dr. appointments, party, ex's dr.) Don't put so much pressure on yourself. Relax and enjoy the fun things you have planned, and share in J's excitement about school and lessons. Do what makes you happy.

As for me, you already read my blog post for today. Not much else to report. Just boring old me. :)

Ron Southern said...

Shit, what'd I say? Oh, maybe it wasn't me. How would I know, though? It must've been somebody else.

Well-heeled mom said...

The only thing beers before a movie does for me is put me to sleep!

Have fun with all the socializing!

brite69 said...

I'm sorry if I said anything that hurt you at all. It wasn't my intent, I promise.

My son is actually incredibly excited about school as well. After his first day, I asked him how it went and he told me that it was "the best day of school ever!" I was SO happy to hear that cuzz he's been having some issues about the dog that was partially his that lived with his gramma. On his birthday, he and his gramma were riding bikes and the dog was with them. I guess she saw something she felt she needed to chase cuzz she darted out into the road and was hit by a car and killed. Poor kid has been blaming himself, saying that if he hadn't wanted to go for a bike ride, the dog would have been fine. Poor kid.

Other than that, I've just been peeling from the epic OzzBurn that I got at OzzFest. If you haven't read my blog yet, I posted some pictures. You can even see the slight black eye that I had from catching sod with my face. o_O

I hope things start looking up, hun. I realy do.