Saturday, September 08, 2007

There must be more

Last evening, I went to a comedy club and had a good time. The guys were progressively better with their craft, with the headliner really being obviously best. He's of the Comedy Channel and Last Comic Standing stature.

Afterwards, we were supposed to go to an party at a club with the headliner and I ditched my car to ride with a few other women. We could not find this club. The GPS thing found it, but we were repeatedly unable to find it. Ug. I'd wished I'd not left my phone in the car b/c I have internet access and could have come up with the proper address instead of an obtuse, "You are here." In a British accent, no less.

Before the show started, I socialized with a few different women, two of which are teachers. One of the teachers was out on Wednesday night the previous two weeks. The other is one I know less well, but don't really care for. I think of Beth as a Princess getting attention. She got married to a good guy from the group maybe two years ago. They had a baby less than nine months ago, another son to go with her one a little older than J.

Well, she's seeking a divorce already. Why? Because he comes home from work and games, does not help with the house or the baby.

Okay, if the baby were a toddler, I'd believe it. Give it some time as he adjusts to fatherhood. But this baby barely crawls and she's making a life decision very quickly. Honestly, there's so much worse he could be doing, I hope this isn't it. I do not understand making such a harsh decision so quickly.

And, fuck, she's back in the dating mix. In fact, Beth 'jokingly' propositioned the man crowd for semen because she really wants a daughter. Nice to be so confident in one's late 30s.

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brite69 said...

Wow. I told my ex-husband I wanted a divorce after being married about 6 months and the boy was 4 months old. It wasn't completely due to the fact that he never helped me with the boy as a baby or even the fact that he never helped with the house work that did it. It was the fact that he quit his job the day he found out I was pregnant and never held a job longer than 6 months for our entire marriage. At that point (the 6 month mark of the marriage) he claimed to have had a job, but was actually going to visit his grandparents.

I could go on and on, but I should probably stop or else I'll wind up writing a blog in your comments section!

I hope she's completely evaluated what she's doing. It just sounds like she's rushing into it, ya know?

And, YAY! You're not blocked at work anymore! :-P