Friday, September 21, 2007

Still lost

That was one hard workshop. I understand bits and pieces, but have no clue on getting it all together. Frustrating. I am planning on practicing, but need tutoring, too. Will try for that next week.

Spent the morning sewing J's Webelo shirt patches. Fingers hurt. Hate patches. They go camping this weekend for their opening event.

Made another dinner date with Ted's friend Ted who I went to dinner with recently. I asked him about something, then he said I had to go to dinner to find out. Alas. Tough life. Anyway, they'd called on Saturday, dinner Ted calling on Toupe Ted's phone. Then Dinner Ted tried to hand it off and it sounded like Toupe running away. The I told them I was with my son, but to call me back in a few hours, which they did not. They were at a party thing at a marina. With the strains of the workshop, I would not have gone out, but I do want to know what was going on.

Need to get to the art store for some supplies (big surprise there!) b/c classes start Monday and Tuesday and I must get practicing on the eeg, my new friend and nemesis. My leg stopped jumping after treatment yesterday, so I really want that back.


DD said...

My leg does that jumpy thing occassionally depending on how I have the tension of my legs. Makes Mr. DD nuts b/c he can feel the "tremors" through the floor.

I actually find it fascinating b/c if I can get both going, they synchonize in alternating patterns.

Wow. I'm soooo exciting.

Cricket said...

DD, I knew you are a freak just like me.

Anonymous said...

All those Teds reminds me of when I lived with two girls named Amy. Amy X and Amy Z. Drove me mad when people would call and ask for 'Amy'.

This is the plein air class, no?

Cricket said...

Monday is oils - I will be an OIL PAINTER! and Tuesday is plein air, which is what I am most looking forward to at the moment - familiar territory.

Anonymous said...

Yippee, you are back!