Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Norma has decided that she needs to know where I am, especially during the weekends I am free of my son. She panics a little when she doesn't know my whereabouts and says it's for my safety, which I do understand. The blind date thing meeting at the mall (a public place according to me, a place with bad mojo and crime according to her) kind of put her over. The next night, I'd forgotten to mention that I'd be at J's campout and she called my cell while I was out.

I feel invaded and I need to find a way to tell her I'm a big girl now.

On the home front, Spencie, the cat, has become a bully of the older Memphie. The invasions can be violent. Memphis lives on or under my bed and Spencie has the rest of the house. I'm very glad Memphie finds a way to the litter box and food. Thank goodness he's a sparse eater anyway. Do you have any suggestions for having them get along?

/Invasions, I wish


DD said...

There's not much you'll be able to do about the cats as they are following nature's instincts...survival of the fittest and all that.

There's nothing rude about telling a friend to back off a little if you feel she's intruding. I understand her concern (you're a single, attractive woman in the social scenes). As long as someone knows where you are, then she needs to MHOB.

Cricket said...

That's the thing. Nobody usually knows where I am. I don't want a tether, but I want to be safe. Frustrating.

brite69 said...

I would try to hint at how it was feeling like I was being treated like a teenager, probably by telling stories about how it would annoy me when my ex-husband would try to keep tabs on me. Not sure if that would work, though. o_O

And for the kitties, my third youngest (we've had an addition that I need to update about) is the bully of ALL the cats. I'm not sure how to break her of it, well, other than getting her spayed. Even then I think she'll still be the bully.

Also, sorry for the lack of commenting. The IT Dept apparently had to replace the computer in the base cuzz it exploded or something and they're out for blood. Something about there being over a million cookies and viruses or something. Sad thing is, most of that crap was due to a guy that hasn't worked for us in about a year.