Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blog! Makeover!

A NaBloPoMo prize giver got snubbed, so they are determined to give away their free website makeover. Two, in fact. Not to be insulting or anything, I went through my Bloglines and nominated folks with the more basic sites. To get a FREE! makeover. And by nominating you, I got a nomination for myself.

Just because Blogger is funny and I'm not sure of the click button in the side bar works (there is no option for adding a picture with a link), here's how you do it.

Please nominate me. My cricket in the header was recently called too scary to visit.

ETA: Shoot. I see nothing wrong with the html. Go here, people.

ETAA: Fixed. Thanks.


fringes said...

For some strange reason, Blogger is putting quotation marks in your HTML code for the buttons. Remove the quotes and you should be good.

Thanks for the promo!

Anonymous said...

I went to the site and their comments seem to be closed?

Cricket said...

Okay, that is awkward. Their rules page, posted in January, is closed to comments. Good, though, because they just require a comment on any February post.

This link goes to their contest category - just pick a February one.

BTW, I know you just revamped your blog, blc, so I didn't nominate you. Let me know and I'd be happy to if you want.