Thursday, February 21, 2008

Scales and phones

I researched online for a new scale at discount stores and was surprised at how the prices had come down. My old scale was only about five years old, but it just measured by the half pound. It was over $80 at K-World. New scales now measure weight in 0.2lb increments as well as record % body fat and hydration level, calculating this for gender and age. Plus they store the numbers for up to for people. And they cost under $40.

I went to Wally's for my prime choice rather than order it online. Excitedly got it home to discover it had been opened previously and didn't have directions in the box. With all those features, I felt directions were a must. So I procrastinated a few days stewing over it, trudged back, and got it straight. I do hate nuisance trips to the parking lot and return line hell that is Wally's.

So today I got to officially use it for the first time. Last night, it seemed about right for clothes at the end of the day. This morning, without clothes and pre food or shower, it (clapping wildly!) seemed to weigh a little low. I am down 2.8lbs from last Thursday, which is a pound extra at best, three at worst. I am relieved, though. Best a little light than a little heavy for my psyche's health. I am going to revise my goal weight downward a bit. However, it sure was fun to break into the next decade.

My therapist yesterday commented about how much thinner my face looks. I can tell a difference, too, when I look down and have less chin sweating on itself. My jeans are a little looser, although that has lead to an unattractive tugging up on the jeans ritual. Four years ago when I first was going out with P and a few others, I remember feeling sexy and vital at this weight, plus being treated that way to boot. Perhaps my dysmorphic tendencies have gotten worse, but I feel anything but attractive. I need to hold on to the idea of seeking and achieving a goal for me to get the positive feedback I need.

Sorry. This post is as boring as it gets, I know. Mundane. Although my therapist yesterday commented on my unusually peaceful and calm demeanor yesterday, I think I have mostly been bored and bored with myself. I've been doing simple blog posts lately and yesterday I accused myself of phoning it in. I guess if I am going to do this every day for 14 months, there are bound to be valleys. As long as the valleys include weight loss, I'm guess I'm good.


Anonymous said...

As funny as the pant pulling can be at first, it gets old after awhile.

Aunt Becky said...

I love hearing other people's weight loss success stories. Seriously. I, too, am on the Operation Lose My Fat Gut, and it's been working (better, now that my Synthroid is finally working).

Go you!

Anonymous said...

As far as the the "lazy blogging" goes, don't sweat it. I have three features that I run almost automatically on Tuesday, Wednesday, and of course Saturday. I thought your post was simple, nice, and to the point yesterday...what really needed to be said?

Sometimes the best words are the ones not spoken.

Brigitte Ballard said...


Every .2 is great!

My pants keep falling down too. Unfortunately the size down is tight. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

i have a weight watchers scale i bought at TJ Maxx for 20 bonz. it's great!

Anonymous said...

sometimes continuing to put one foot in front of the other (or one word after the other) is all one can do. And that is enough.

To be losing weight at the same time? congratulations! (BTW, I think I found it.)