Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The cats are incredible together. This morning at 5:04, I had all four kitties in my bed at once - a first. Usually Bea.u sleeps with J. just began sleeping with me a few nights ago. They figured out it's where the cool kids sleep.

My purpose, of course, was to find diversions for to not beat down Mem.phis all the time. That has worked to a large degree; it only happens about once a day now.

Memp.his goofs off on his own a good bit now. He actually comes downstairs to beg, eat, play, and cuddle.

Here are, Mem.phis, and B.eau eating watered down Fancy Feast; is just to the left of them. I used to add the water for Sad!e to get extra fluids, but these guys like the broth best, too. I would have never in a million yesrs thought of Spence and Memph sharing a plate.

Syl.vie is a great cuddler. She is quite coy, weaseling her way into touching the other cats. She's very persistent and doesn't let their negative body language (moving a few inches away) stop her from attaining her goal. Here she is with Memph and with Spence - sorry about the camera strap.

I think of her as the Great Equalizer, smoothing things out. She plays well with all of them. Her meow is high pitched, almost like a guinea pig. She does occasionally still try to nip, but she is an excellent cat and I am happy to have her. Plus she provides beaucoup butt sniffing entertainment for the boys. She knows how to work it!

ETA: Forgot to say that she gets in special time with, too. She licks his head like a mother, yet rough houses with him, too.


Anonymous said...

Glad they are all getting along. You realize, if called upon to do a geneaology or medieval history project with J, that you could make a heraldic device for your home with 4 cats, one in each corner. Although, instead of rampant lions, you'd have reclining housekittehs.

Klynn said...

I'm jealous. *pout* I've been reading your kitty posts with a mixture of envy and sadness. You see, Bob is severely allergic to cats (and prescription allergy meds would not help). Before Bob and I got married, I had several kitties. I love cats. But now I can't have them, and rarely get opportunities to visit with friends who have cats. And after I do, I have to diligently wash my hands so Bob doesn't end up standing over the sink with his nose running like a faucet. At least it appears that Boog didn't inherit that from his his few encounters with cats, he's not yet had a reaction (knock on wood). Oh, well...give your kitties an extra rub from me.

Aunt Becky said...

Awwww....So sweet. I love the kitties.

Anonymous said...

Your cats are so beautiful. God I love cats they make me so happy. Since I've been home (after being gone a month) my cats are glued to me and it's so lovely, though I also feel very guilty about making them feel so insecure that they are now glued to me. One of them sleeps on me all night. When I turn in my sleep she adjusts herself so that she stays on me. She didn't do that before I left.

It's nice to know I'm loved. They are precious creatures.

jess said...

why do you put the periods in the middle of their names? is there a story for that?