Monday, February 04, 2008

Putting the Super Bowl to rest

I should make public shows of support more often. What a great ride. Eli proved he's a Manning.

I remember back in 1986, we'd gotten married with two weeks notice. Ex had shipped off to California for desert maneuvers within a week after that for a month. The perk of that very difficult, sleepless, hot, dirty, thankless job, which he unfortunately experienced something like six times in three years, was that Vegas shined only a couple hours away.

It was July and I told ex to put some money on the Giants and Phil Simms before the season started. Although Phil Simms had been anything but consistant, I had a feeling. Ex didn't put down any money and Phil went on to win the Super Bowl.

I won big, too. Designated driver duties for a year were up for grabs. Ex had to drive my drunk newlywed ass around for all of 1987 thanks to Phil Simms and I'll always root for the Giants in the Super Bowl, even though they were in the same division as my beloved and useless Cardinals.


Janet Jackson ruined it for everyone. One little nipple, and we're destined for at least a couple decades of aging rockers who couldn't do anything controversial unless they mistimed a Cialis dose before the game.

Maybe required viewing should have been Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin' Down a Dream (2007). I watched the better part of this four hour documentary Saturday on Sundance. It was incredible tracing this band who has made it as a family for 30 years. The movie made me fall in love with Tom Petty all over again. But there is one thing...

Note the beard anyone? Consider it camoflage. He traded in for a new model and probably got plastic surgery as a result. This seems to include a chin and cheek implants. The change was noticable in the movie over the course of many interviews, so I had to research it. He looks so different and not better.


So this puts the Super Bowl to rest. For years, I followed the seasons religiously. As kids, it was us against our Cowboy cousins. Later, ex and I created yearly spreadsheets which would track our picks. Then with P, I got to go to games in three seasons, to include a play off game. But I came upon hard times and gave away all paraphernalia, mourned, and needed distance. I'm thrilled to have some of the excitement back.


jess said...

i was happy with tom petty and the heartbreakers this year. i thought they did a great job. but LOL...geriatric're soo right!

Anonymous said...

well I like Tom...would've liked to see him.

Can I admit to not even knowing it was the super bowl yesterday until today?

It's kinda bizarre. I read the news all day long on the internet but I guess I just am completely out of the loop when it comes to sports. I've got feeds of headlines for all sorts of topics and newspapers. I guess not watching TV does it.

Anonymous said...

The Super Bowl is no fun without my Steelers playing. Selfish as it sounds, I would like to see them there every year, especially living in Cleveland. It is so fun making Brown's fans mad.

Debbie Does Nothing said...

I thought Tom Petty looked awful - his plastic surgeon didn't do him any favors. I would've preferred the wrinkles and the weak chin.

He did manage to sneak in a giant phallic symbol - loved the big arrow piercing the sweet pink heart.