Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Inspiration

First and foremost, considering my curiousity last week, I wonder Daddy's inspiration for sending this gift this week.

Secondly, I hope to provide him inspiration.

The classroom environment is great for me to crank out work. This still life classroom set up is

the inspiration for this painting.

This picture of Sad!e, taken with a very old and cheap digital, miraculously was

the inspiration for this, which is much better than the camera portrayed.

Craziness was the inspiration for this project at J's school involving 125 5 year olds in helping to decorate a very long mural ... and a prime reason I became uninspired to donate so much time to school.

Painting outside is the best inspiration of all.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I especially like the landscape and lily pads.

You're so very gifted.

Much love,

Cricket said...

Thanks, Julianna. I appreciate having you as a fan, especially considering the level of your work!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, and I needed the color shot of the red boats.

laura b. said...

Cricket, I am awed by your talent. I would so love to have even an ounce of that artistic gift. Great and inspirational post :-)

Tara said...

I love these shots! Especially the still life and the artwork done by kids. I of course love the shot of your cat.

Anonymous said...

You do very nice work as well, thanks for the compliments earlier. You really were inspired by this always do so very well to do a lot of photos.

Ron Southern said...

Oouu, nice stuff. If you live long enough, you'll get so much better that I'll be seeing it all in a museum. Then I'll be sorry I didn't say something nice!