Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oops, cancellation

Yup, no date tonight.

Last evening, he called to postphone as I was simultaneously trying to give a heads up about canceling.

I'd thought him crazy to ask to cook for me tonight considering the projects he's doing for law school next week. Told him so as he was canceling, so I don't think he felt too badly. He spoke of his tendency to over extend. He rescheduled for next Wednesday, which is promptly after his second mock trial next week. If it were me, I'd want to come down from that by drinking or napping. I'm complimented he wants to celebrate it with me by kindly preparing dinner. I have an inkling that it'll be a little awkward with so much time between dates, but I figure that will pass.

The reason I was putting him on notice and potentially canceling is that the two year old has strep. Not only do I need to worry about J having caught it over the weekend, I have to be concerned about exposure to her tonight during visitation. She'll have been on antibiotics for exactly 24 hours, though, and I think that's the all's clear window. I also think it was caught early, after a rash and fever but before throat involvement. J rarely gets sick and he never seems to catch the daycare crud she brings home.

Ex called yesterday, twice even, and is located hundreds of miles to our west. He is temporarily attached to a Latin group (he'll be such a gringo, but I told him he'll come home and pimp the van with a PR flag on his rear view and he chimed in that he'll make it a low rider), who he half way expects to stay attached to. They are going to live in a tent in the snow for a few weeks for a field exercise. Mmm, fun. After, he's supposed to get a four day pass, so he'll come home once again - our cruise is three weeks out, so I'm hoping that doesn't overlap. The group he's supposed to get attached to is in TX, but is from around here. Ex's (and the government's) tune has changed and ex will be only months from retirement when he returns, so he plans to volunteer with the unit for a spell. Do you know how thrilled I am to be able to anticipate retirement/healthcare when I reach 65? It seemed too much to hope for; I am cautious and fear they'll change the rules again. It has been a frustrating journey.

Okay, I got busy and let this sit all day. Turns out, Glenn would like to do something smaller scale tonight, but I splurged on some Chinese because J will be gone. Hence, I'm done with food. We had a nice conversation instead. He actually said something funny, which was a good sign. Humor was the only thing I felt lacking. Of course, I'm me and I crack myself up, but I want to be cracked up, too. Seems that maybe he does have that in him.

Now to get this post up finally.


Anonymous said...

Me and Renee stalled for about two weeks before we actually went out. We did have long phone conversations (still do) and by the time we did go out we had much to talk about and no awkwardness.

It is very nice he wants to cook for you, but yes, waiting in your case, might be a good idea with the cooties in the house and all.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Hope that J gets better soon.. that sucks when there is a sickness in the house..Look forward to hearing about the eventual dinner date..