Sunday, February 03, 2008

Go Giants!

I love to study personalities and dynamics. I've been meaning an Eli Manning post all week. I will do a condensed version of my thoughts and highlight some articles.

Eli's a strange bird in that he seems to lack confidence in a testosterone-mired field. He was so quiet at home, his father would forget he was there. He's the consummate little brother, picked on and ill respected.

He's the kid who seemed bullied, but actually had the cajones to pull it off, quietly letting it all slide off. He's the locker room prankster who is appreciated by his team mates, well, all but one who I used to really respect, Tiki Barber. Yet, in a calm manner, he was able to tell Tiki where to put it.

Yeah, Tiki, take that for 2008. Who had the cajones all along?

Read these articles for some great insight. I especially like the Slate one.


dawn224 said...

From ESPN:
All season, the talk around the NFL was about whether the Patriots were the greatest team of all time. Turns out they weren't even the best team Sunday.

bwah hahahaha

Cricket said...

Great quote! I am so glad they won. They deserved it.

Anonymous said...

It was an entertaining game, that is all I ask as a football fan.

More entertaining with my Steelers, but it was worth the watch.