Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Reason

I'd like to know the reason this shy kid is cool as a cucumber in front of a crowd.

What's the reason kids insist that everyone put bunny ears on everyone else for pictures?

I hope the reasons for going on a cruise again, this time with my mother, hold water.

I'd like to know the reason he won't top that final hurdle and go from semi-black to black belt.

I hope the reasons for going outweigh the frustration of getting and being there.

I wonder the reason that this 5+ year old wonder cat wound up in a high kill shelter in Ohio, but I am glad for the reasoning of the rescue organization to transport him here.

Proud J still wonders the reason he got a G for Good (still better than an S for Satisfactory) instead of an E for Excellent for this four page children's newspaper project he did in school last year on the Greek Civilization.

What is the reason they go where they go? This is Spen.cer, who is now the mentoring big brother of B.eau, who is much, much worse. If there is a surface, B.eau must conquer it. I had a crew of floor and bed cats until he arrived.

I tag Tara for next week's word. Pick a better one than I did!


Aunt Becky said...


I love the kitty in the dryer picture!

brite69 said...

LOL The kitty in the dryer picture made me think of something Greg told me last night.

He got this spray crap that supposed to make cats stay off things. (Mydna absolutely adores the counter for some reason) I guess he sprayed it on the counter and about 20 minutes later, Mydna jumped up there, looked him dead in the eye and started to lick the sopt he sprayed with the crap! Hahahaha! He called her a son of a bitch and I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself.

Have fun on your date tonight!

Anonymous said...

Good job, the word was a good one. I found an interesting use for it. I figured I would be comical in approach.

Obviously the kiddo is the reason for lots of things in your life...

AlienCG said...

Good photo spread and good word for the week. I chose a more introspective theme to mine.

laura b. said...

I like the word, Cricket and the interesting illustrations of it. I think it is always interesting to see the different ways that one word will strike different people.

Tara said...

Bunny ears over a cat. I love it! Thank you for tagging me, I have chosen a word.

dmarks said...

For whatever reason, I am a day late. But I do have my reason post up now.

here it is.