Thursday, November 30, 2006

Female clicks

These are interesting links relating to women.

Want to live to be 100? Be the first born child of a young mother. Her eggs must be better.

You are what your grandmother ate. The mechanism for genes being expressed comes with programmed instructions, with gene expression being altered by diet.

Want to be mind-bendingly intrigued? Check out some photoshopped masterpieces newly redesigned for jest advertising. My favorite is half way down: Frida with the broken spinal column and dozens of nails poking in her skin photoshopped as an advertisement for Advil.


DD said...

My favorite on the photoshop was the FedEx w/Van Gogh. It's subtle humor.

Donna said...

Oh my! Many of those are very clever and well done. I am not ready to see Michelangelo's David dressed as Ronald McDonald, however...I do have some standards. Thanks for sharing.