Thursday, November 09, 2006

It makes me blush

The fullness of this is amazing, stunning, and ever so pleasant. Indulge me.

We've concluded that we cannot talk on the phone. We will misunderstand, pick, and fight. It is ugly and drags into the hours. We agree on 99.9% of life, but that 0.1% nags, nay, shouts at us.

Face to face is a different story entirely. His face is a beacon, lit up and clear. His dark eyes dart around and laugh. His full smile quickly triggers my own. Smitten, we mirror each other.

OMG I needed this. The chemistry. The ease. The brain. The opinions. The bod.

I have never been able to fight so passionately and unload such despicable, nasty feelings, yet get over it and really want to proceed with an open mind and heart. Both of us. We do that for each other. We haven't held grudges and we work hard to learn and apply, even if the learning curve is quite spicy.

(Tap tap tap, Cricket. It's only been a week. We fear you've lost perspective, but we appreciate your reveling.)

As I left this morning after being up all night with this scrumptious machine, he begged me, "Please don't call. Use email, but please don't call."

I can handle that.


Shinny said...

I am truely happy for you that you have found someone like him. The way you write on how you two interact reminds me of how Steve and I were when we first met. I know I tend to focus on the bad stuff on my blog but he truely gets me and puts up with me too. ;)
I hope that you and Luke have a long a happy relationship and who knows where it will lead. Wishing you the best and he sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Geo and I could never talk on IM. Everytime we did we would get in a fight.

Ron Southern said...

You guys are getting weird, but at least you're doing it together instead of one at a time!

Orange said...

Wow, I've missed a lot in being lackadaisical about reading blogs! (Honest, I'm trying to be more productive, and dangit, spending all day reading blogs tends to interfere.)

So: Woot! Excuse me while I go read further down.