Thursday, November 09, 2006

Music man

Luke got a new MP3 player. He has an old computer and bad connection, so we figured I'd try putting songs on it.

Where do you download MP3s?

I keep finding streams of music, but not many downloads.

Do you pay or can you recommend free? What is the best way to do this? How much do they cost?

He wants to put money on an account for me to do this, but I want to find free if possible. Blues in particular. (Yet another significant overlap in our tastes.)

I started doing this for my son's player he got for his birthday, but then he discovered the FM radio on it, so I was off the hook. I think I was using All ofMP 3. com, but I found it cumbersome. Maybe they're all that way?

I kind of wish I'd paid better attention when ex-f was loading his player with a couple thousand songs for free last year. He could search and essentially snag a song off of somebody else's computer if it was connected/participating. I don't remember the site or the software, but he had it down to a science.

I have a lot of them on CD, but that's not transferable, right?

Please help me get into this century.

PS -
Normal school day tomorrow +
Federal holiday tomorrow =
Two horndogs free all day


Anonymous said...

I have an ipod and I used Itunes. You have to pay..99 cents a song, albums are cheaper. You can import CD's into itunes and then put them on the ipod. I'm not sure how it works if it's not an ipod though.

brite69 said...

The boy uses Limewire, but I'm not sure if that goes on MP3 players or not. I'm not exactly technologically spiffy, though. o_O I do know that Limewire lets you download songs from other people's computers.

Donna said...

Oh boy, something I actually know something about! If the Mp3 player came with software that creates a library (so you can play songs from your computer), then you should be able to download your CDs to the library, then plug the player into your computer to upload. Not sure how it works if it isn't an iPod. I get my free downloads from The Hype Machine at You can search for specific artists or names of songs. I also use a peer-to-peer sharing service called Shareaza, but lately I haven't been getting many hits from it. Email me if you want more info!

Anonymous said...

Best. Site. Ever. $10 a month for...everything. Vids, movies, mp3s, games, pics, the whole lot. 20Gb or 30 days, whichever comes first. It's accumulatory, so whatever you don't use gets added on to the next month.

We've used them for...4-5 years and they are FANTASTIC. Completely independent outfit, catering to no player in particular (some people occasionally post .ogg, if you like .ogg, as well as .rar along with mp3). Questions, just ask!!

Kellie said...

I have an ipod and use itunes. The itunes software makes it very easy to convert your CD to mp3 format. It's pretty cool, you can then make yourself ecompilation CDs for your car and stuff. It's quite addicting once you get started. You'll love it.