Tuesday, June 12, 2007

At least Mona is happy

My friend first called out, "Heyyy! Are you married and a newlywed yet?"

It could have felt like a punch to the gut, but it didn't.

I''ve talked about Mona here before, but it's been a while. She had three kids where J took TKD, so I spent many hours in the waiting room with her. Mona is saucy and intimidating, but I liked her un-PC self.

The last time I saw her, P was with me. Last April, he'd come to J's test for semi-black belt and Mona's three were up for black.

Boy, was she shocked when I gave her a little run down of my year.

Then she exclaimed over and over how happy she is for me that I didn't have to go through another divorce, happy for me to have gotten away.

It was nice catching up. It was nice somebody being happy for me. While I understand the logic, I'm not happy for me, but didn't say so.

She kept volunteering that I'll find a good man soon.

Yeah, right.

Not with my track record.

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brite69 said...

Well, at least it didn't feel like a punch in the gut. That's something good!

Oh! And in response to your comment you left me about the girly doc, he wants to try it for 3 months. I'm not all that optimistic, but at this point, I'm up for just about anything if it gets rid of this pain. My figure went to crap when I gained 100 lbs with the boy, so that's not gonna be a loss. LOL I will be researching, though. I seem to remember it starting with an M, but everything I've found doesn't list what he's using it for as a treatment option. Bleh.