Thursday, June 07, 2007

Would wearing these help?

Anything would work better than what I have.
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Klynn said...

Oh. My. Gawd. LOL!

I'd have to take a magic marker to them and block both tubes to be anatomically correct for me. Of course my decision to block my tubes and not have any more children is based on the fact that I don't want to DIE, but it still makes me sad that I can't have any more.

Those are great undies, though. I bet Julie at a little pregnant would have a field day with that. Thanks for the giggle, Cricket.

Cricket said...

I'd have to marker a block just a little bit into the right tube from that lovely uterus, according tothe HSG.

Mine's not by choice, though.

Kellie said...

God. I don't even know what I would have to do to make mine anatomically correct.

I suspect whatever it would be would end up looking very male.

My favorite undies I ever owned had a picture of a mouse trap on them. I wonder whatever happened to those.... They'd probably fit around my ankle, but still, I wonder.

Cricket said...

When I was pregnant with my son, back in the days when women wore the big stretchy pregger panties, I got a pair with a port hole on the front. A floating baby's face was peering out, smiling.

I loved those huge panties.

Klynn said...

I got even more of a laugh last night. I had gotten back on at home to check back in the comments, and Bob looked over just as I pulled up this post. The look on his face was priceless. Amazement?, disgust?, what he he11? could tell he just thought those undies were *wrong*. Hee hee.

Cricket said...


Just imagine the male alternative!