Thursday, June 28, 2007

Colored pencils

I have wanted to do a wet street scene on black in pastel for forever. I saw this one in a magazine and decided it would be a great first for me in colored pencils; it's on the rough side on Canson and would have done better on the smooth. The original is in oil and is by Andrew McDermott, although he works a lot in pastel. Now I need to try it in pastel.

This very quick sketch, #4 of my 30 for the coming week, was made using watercolor pencil for Memph and watercolor crayons for the bedding.I bought a Derwent watercolor travel kit and it has the coolest water-filled brush, makes it almost dummy-proof. I will probably buy additional pencils and crayons, as the kit is pretty limited, but there's still plenty of room in the pouch for more!

It is a lot fo fun working in new media. This instructor is going to teach me so much. He's so enthusiastic and is such an oddball artist in his looks, typical, I guess. This class will be very expensive, but so very much worth it. Anything that makes me do on a daily basis is good. Anything that provides daily blog entries, well, ditto on the good.

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h2o girl said...

Just lovely, Cricket. You are a phenomenal artiste, truly.