Thursday, June 14, 2007

When your man cheats or beats

I suppose that because most of my regular are married and that you have not seen these sites to warn others of the cold, hard reality of the dating world, but they are an interesting phenomenon and good reads:

Don't Date Him Girl - doesn't require any registration to view pictures, descriptions, or comments, although the search feature is awkward; has a good number of entries for my area; is also referenced in stories at BikerMatchmaking, which makes for good reading;

WomanSavers - has an excellent search, but logging in is required to see more than the name or location; also has a good number of entries for my area;

Out My Ex - covers males and females, although the above sites have some women included; has cutesy canned phrases to use in the descriptions which make they look hysterical, hysterical in a bad way, not funny haha; search is good and looks in a radius of a zip code but has far fewer entries than the above;

Love Fraud - advice for the duped by the duped.

I am on the fence about uploading to a site. One I'd really like to do is Luke, because there is a whole group of women who know his deal, so it couldn't be traced back to me. Doing P would be obvious, although it'd be the juiciest and most fulfilling.

Imagine finding yourself on a site like this and being so guilty so often that you don't know which is responsible. Or if you have an idea, what you might do.

I googled an unusual name of someone's user boyfriend appearing on two sites and the site whose entries came up via search was WomanSavers, but that's the hardest set of listings to get access to read. In fact, I applied to log in and still haven't gotten confirmation, them saying it takes up to 24 hours. It must be a security measure.

Security. I'd appreciate some security. One version or another of security for anyone capable of posting on these sites.

Are there others I am missing?


Kellie said...

The *mother* in me would caution you from writing anything that could be traced back to you. You don't need revenge and you don't need shit from someone you dumped - in particular, with your son in the picture.

The *bitch* in me, however, believes that the truth is the truth and you're well within your means to post everything - including girth. LOL, girth - what a strange word.

Paybacks, however, may also be a bitch - are there any "Male Beware" sites out there that you'd suddenly make an apperance on? lol That could be scary.

If you do P - definetly send his wife the link. Anonymously, of course.

Well-heeled mom said...

These will be great places to visit when I have a few extra minutes!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Someone tells me you have a Manx cat - how come it's strayed so far? It's just, mine left home a while back - if she's black, and slices like Jack the Ripper, hand her back!

Ron Southern said...

Shrink! What are doing here with my favorite woman in America? Oh, well, you were probably trying to see if all of my links were bogus. Not this one!

Cricket said...

Happy to have a new reader. Ron, thanks for sharing.

My manx was named Bob. He was a stray who adopted us around 1990. He disappeared around 1995. He was a hilarious, intense cat who loved to be scared.

Sorry yours is missing.