Saturday, June 09, 2007

Be gentle

Life has sucked for me lately.

Losing two grandparents and my 18 year old cat, combined with painful anniversaries and loads of obsessing, have put me over the edge. I cannot tolerate my own anger or morose attitude.

I began on an anti-depressant yesterday, Ab.ilify. It is in the same class as the sleeping med I liked so much, although it is reputed to have less sleep-inducing properties. I made the mistake of taking it yesterday afternoon and slept most of the rest of the day. Side effects and I go hand in hand. Wising up, I will take my second tonight at bedtime. I am to work up to taking two each day, but I think I'd have to take them both at night.

This is meant to be a temporary fix to get me out of this funk. It should last a couple weeks and then I can use them as needed. They work and unwork immediately, so there's no working up to it kicking in or too much to worry about for withdrawals. With this short time on and the low dosage I shouldn't have to worry much about weight gain, glucose increases, or diabetes. Isn't this a great class of drugs? Really good and really bad all at once.

I'll be able to keep some on hand to use as needed when a funk hits, before I get too far down. That means that the PMS that the bcps bring will be vanquished with ease.

The best part is that my doctor had a box of 25 for me to use.


Donna said...

I hadn't heard of that AD, but if it is helping you, then great. I think medicine has come a long way in understanding how to regulate brain chemistry in the last 5 years even. I'm sorry life has thrown you a lot of mud always seems to come in waves, doesn't it? Be good to yourself.

Kellie said...

I've never heard of that either. Whatever works Cricket - I hope it helps. A little inter-muscular italian meat injection might do the trick as well. Just a thought.

Cricket said...

In my funk the other day I thought to myself that the only way I'd get laid would be to go on the prowl, to play the slut.

Sometimes I really wanna be a slut. Getting laid is good for the soul.