Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Black-eyed Susans, Fresh-eyed Boy

Waiting for J to finish golf camp, I put the time to good use.

Then I went to get J. He was packing up his clubs and, forgetting about putt putt, I commented that I'd never seen him hit the golf ball. The nearby instructor piped up, verbally fumbling and stammering, kind of like the halting "whoa" of an ogler in a beer commercial, and then croaked in almost a whisper, "He's gooood."

That's my boy. When I later asked him how far he could hit it, he nonchalantly said they went past the 150 sign. I think he's found his sport. Ex looks forward to him buying us houses one day.


Klynn said...

Wow. You always post such pretty pictures. Even of wildflowers that we tend to take for granted. Flowers...that reminds me that I have to do yardwork this weekend before I get a nasty-gram from the community association. Bleh.

Way to go, J! So he's good at it...does he really enjoy it? It's so hard to find an activity that they're both good at, and really, truly enjoy. Are you ready to go touring the PGA circuit, mom?

Cricket said...

Yeah, selective picture taking and cropping do wonders. This mostly looked like a field of weeds.