Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Voluntarily unvolunteering

I got a call Friday evening. (Yes, I am so pathetic as to recieve a call at home on a Friday evening.) It was a political call, asking if I planned to vote on Tuesday. I said I would be, so then she asked who I planned to vote for and we found we agreed politically. Of course, her next question was about me volunteering Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday for an hour. I said to put me down for Monday morning, then she got my email address so they could follow up. She said it might be handing out flyers at a shopping center, placing calls, or a few other things.

Saturday and Sunday, I checked email looking for instructions. I even went through the junk mail box. By Monday morning, when there was no word, I figured they didn't need me.

Then PMS hit Monday afternoon.

Wonder of all wonders, I got a call Monday night, confirming me for phone bank duty Tuesday 9-12. I told him it was news to me and I explained what had happened already. I told him I could not do it on Tuesday and he came back with a plea for how much they needed volunteers, but I declined.

I wasn't doing anything Tuesday morning. I was just pissy, not wanting to be around people, not liking the change, and definitely not wanting to deal with my nemesis, the phone. So, it was best I declined, although I'd have felt very guilty if the candidate had lost. Instead, it was a landslide and they didn't need my cranky ass anyway.


Aunt Becky said...

I've been equally unpleasant, but without the PMS.

Anonymous said...

i was in a mood yesterday, too. i wonder if it's contagious.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you, I wouldn't like dealing with those people on the phone either.

brite69 said...

Dude. The PMS has hit me. HARD. I guess that's what happens when you get your first period in 7 months. o_O

I'd have been pissed that they called to tell me my "assignment" with such short notice, especially if I had already given them a day I was available. And if they had told me I had phone duty? I'd have puked all over their phone, just to show them that I do not like phones. And maybe the irrational panic that would set in.

Anonymous said...

Do not feel guilty.
Sounds like they made the mistake anyway.
They are doing just fine anyway.

Anonymous said...

I hate that. They're asking you to volunteer, and then they mess up the information. Dopes.