Monday, June 11, 2007

Less swimming up stream

Yesterday I went to an EEG meeting for people who train independently. It was my second time going.

I did a temporal lobe session (T3/T4) , often considered the most calming EEG. [I also did an Alpha/Theta at my EEG place today and it was lovely, although not considered straight EEG. I didn't have any profound visions, except to say I was surrounded by scrumptious desserts in my mind for 30 minutes.] I tried a pRO.SHI (these can be magnetic as when I do it at my clinic, but these folks just use the colored glasses), but I couldn't get into it.

The good thing about the failed pRO.SHI was where I was sitting to do it at the opposite end of the table. I'd remembered this guy and his daughter from last month, but I talked to him this time. They were looking at J at the other end of the room playing my phone like a PSP and the daughter, Rene, was intrigued. I talked about me liking to use it when I'm stuck waiting someplace. In fact, I used it while I was at a concert alone downtown - I didn't mention the concert here, but it was one of the best I've ever been to and one of my favorite groups, JBT.

Rene's dad, Pat, took this as his chance to ask me questions like where that club is an what other venues I like to go to. I chatted mindlessly, then he asked if I might like some company some time, if I would mind putting my phone number in his cell phone. Wow! What a shock. I was wearing very baggy old shorts, tennis shoes, and no make up. But I entered my phone.

A little bit later, I was talking to his daughter (she is sweet, but kind of ditsy, so I guess normal for 14 - at least she had no black on) and I glanced at him a few times. He was staring at my legs. I was in shock. Norma had just commented last week how skinny my legs are - I prefer to think increasingly shapely and toned - but it sure was cool to be noticed.

The four of us left at the same time and his daughter was asking for food. I kind of steered clear, as I wasn't ready for a family outing, so we didn't really say goodbye. I hope it was understood.

These pills make me feel better already (although the sleep thing Friday afternoon was an aberration - they don't help me sleep), however the potential for something with a cute, friendly guy about 6'5" tall, well, I won't complain and will just hope there are no side effects.


DD said...

Why didn't you have his name to your phone? That would give you a caller ID.

Funny how things happen. I know. Real original.

Cricket said...

My phone was on the opposite side of the room with J playing games on it.

Pat and I had made a deal that if he got up to leave, then I would, and v.v.

Thing was, we were on the door side and all he had to do was work up the energy to get up (pRO.SHIs are very relaxing), but my bags and son were on the opposite side, hence more effort. I had to interrupt a bunch of people doing EEG and observing to get my stuff.

When we got J over to the exit side, he played with my phone while walking and Rene loved that. I didn't think to input the phone number then, but it would have been so obvious if I had.

Really, I'm not clammoring for a man. I actually want to be in a good place before I give it a go again. I guess I'm scared.