Sunday, June 17, 2007

New hobby

Last fall I began a new hobby and I want to share.

I love silver jewelry. And I love leverback, aka European back, earrings, but they are hard to find in retail settings. I often look at the silversmiths at festivals and come away empty, too. Now I have a solution; buy my own backs and change them off myself.

Or, better yet, make my own earrings.

Most of these are glass beads. I like them for their weight and color, although they tend to be inconsistant. I'd like to get more silver beads, crystal, and stones.

I guess I have an affinity for blue. On Saturday, I wore the long blue ones on the top left because they have copper accents and I wore a coral colored blouse.

Oh, yeah. I met girlfriends out at 9 for blues, but a couple hours before that, I squeezed in a date with a guy I've been emailing for quite some time. He's from eHar.mony and was dragging his feet too much not asking me out, so I messaged him that I'd be in his area. It worked. I like him. We're supposed to go out again. The earrings were a success.


Kellie said...

Oh WOW - I totally love the earings Cricket!

I love that you're crafty.

Nice job on the date.

Anonymous said...

'll buy the pink and green ones and a pair of the blue on the left. How much?

Cricket said...

Wow, lala. Are you serious?

I could definitely make more of the pink and green one - have lots of those in a rainbow of colors. I think they look like tulips together.

Are you talking about the polka dot blue ones in the second picture? I do have more of those as well.

I don't have more of the top left with three blue beads, although I do have more of the top two beads. I do have more of top right copper/royal blue.

I can also do the seond right and have many colors of the little glass cubes.

I have more of the black cubes as well. Can make more that are just silver and have more crystal, but no more of the gray beads.

The short ones are 1" and the long are 2", without leverback. I think, for you my #1 customer, 1" ones would be $8 and 2" are $12.

Well-heeled mom said...

Very, very nice earrings!

Donna said...

Those are at least as nice as the earrings I see at the fancy wine festivals around here! I don't have pierced ears, otherwise I'd totally buy some, they are really pretty.