Friday, June 08, 2007

Where's my box?

You know the bar thing that is on the bottom of the screen for MSIE 6.0? If you wave your cursor over a link on a webpage, the information pops up and you can tell where the link goes. It also charts your progress as a webpage loads.

Mine disappeared this last week. Do you know how I can find it again?

PS - I do not want to change to Firefox. I have too many Favorite Places. Also, I could never get it to not do them alphabetical, so I gave up.


Klynn said...

Thank G-d I'm not losing my mind. Mine's been acting up too. I have IE at work, and sometimes the link pops up and sometimes not. I think it does on some pages but not on others? Don't know what's doing it but it's happening to me too.

Kellie said...

Yeah, it's a bitch when you loose your box.

Try clearning out your history and restarting IE. Are you running spy ware? Spy ware changes shit like that.

Cricket said...

Ron saved the day. I figured he would be the most likely one to find my box.

Look under view and make sure status bar is checked off.

I knew it had to be simple.