Friday, March 21, 2008

Art auctions at sea

I'm a fan of art auctions. I have a dozen or more pieces I've purchased from several charity art auctions. I have loved and collected lithographs since my college days, but my most recent purchases are all seriographs. I even have a Picasso, a restrike etching, meaning he etched the plate and somebody else made the print.

On board for the boring days at sea, they do art auctions. It's eye candy for me, but so impractical to think of hauling such off the ship and on a plane. I saw several of the artists I've already collected and more that I've wanted to collect.

I wish the ones on board had descriptive stickers on the back like my others. I couldn't get the artist's names from their signatures.

The first two were J's favorites. They had tiny objects out of place that it was fun to hunt and find.

This little landscape was my favorite. I saw it Tuesday and sought it out again Friday, when I took this picture. The subject is so Van Gogh-y, like the bottom of Starry Night which I painted for the school backdrop a few years ago. I took this picture so I could paint this for myself. I could see doing it in oil or pastel.

Do you collect art? If so, how do you do it? Funny, I only have hanging three of my own pieces I've framed myself. I've just about run out of wall space, yet another reason to not sit through another art auction. I have no self control!

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