Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Chemistry

This week's word presented by laura b. is chemistry.

As a biochemist, the concept is near and dear to my heart. I don't have any pictures (no white rats in my photo collection) from back then, though, so I'll borrow a couple. Below is the science hall I worked in for part of my career, while I was published, although I don't remember the spires from back then. I think it's been renovated.

Luckily, just last evening we got a chemistry demonstration at the cub scout banquet. Perfect timing.

These two have great chemistry, Bea.u and

And these two don't, Spence and Memph...
although it's getting better. I don't think chemistry has to be immediate.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I never knew that little factoid about you--really? You took the word of the week literally, well done as always.

laura b. said...

Nice pictures of chemistry at work! I don't think chemistry has to be immediate either, but so often people don't want to let it grow.

Tara said...

That's a beautiful building! Ahh, cats and chemistry. Thank you for linking them. My cat does not feel any chemistry with my mom's cat, but my mom's cat, Joshua, is fascinated by my cat. There could be chemistry if only Skittles would try. ;)

Brigitte Ballard said...

Your a biochemist???


Did I read that right?

I should now mention that I sucked at chemistry but excelled at physics. I wish I would have done better at chemistry.